Specialised Services

Adding that extra power to your car is something that everyone loves, and we provide the full package here at Ballarat Performance Auto Wreckers. From programming the ECU’s up to rebuilding and fitting a new engine, we work with you to produce a package that suits your needs.

Some of our options include:

  • Cam kits
  • Engine building
  • Gearbox and differential conversions
  • ECU programming and installation
  • plus many more

Professional Dismantling & Salvage

Nobody likes to crash their car, especially to such a degree that they have to write it off. But in most cases there are still ways you can mitigate at least the financial loss of crashing a car – while it may be undriveable, there are likely areas of your car that work perfectly fine, and can be used to give someone else’s vehicle a new lease of life.

At Ballarat Performance Auto Wreckers we’ll take your wrecked vehicle off your hands, taking the salvagable parts off your hands for a reasonable price, which you can put towards your next vehicle. We specialise in recovering and salvaging high-end cars and performance vehicles, for which spare parts can often be a rarity.

If you’ve got a vehicle you can’t use any more, give us a call to see if we can take it off your hands.

Wide Range of Parts

If you need the right part to get your own vehicle moving again, come to us at Ballarat Performance Auto Wreckers.

New vehicles come to our lot every week, from conventional stock model Fords and Holdens to high-end prestige and performance models. If we don’t have what you’re looking for on hand, we can help you secure it.

Servicing & Repairs

In addition to our primary role as dismantlers, we can offer customers professional and affordable vehicle repairs and servicing. Just buy a new part from us? We’ll install it for you. Need your vehicle serviced to maintain your warranty? We can do that too.

Our complete range of workshop services includes:

  • logbook servicing for all petrol and diesel vehicles
  • roadworthy inspections for VicRoads registrations
  • pre-purchase inspections for used car buyers
  • replacement springs, shocks and bushes for your suspension
  • repairs and servicing for your axle and power steering systems
  • supply, fitting, balancing and aligning of new tyres and wheels
  • installation of lift kits and other 4WD upgrades
  • manual and automatic transmission servicing and repairs, including clutch
  • testing and replacement of batteries, alternators, starter motors
  • installation of stereo, lighting and dual battery solutions
  • fitting of a range of vehicle accessories
  • caravan and trailer repairs
  • marine craft, boat trailers and inboard engine repairs and servicing
  • and much more